Take your Supernova practice to even greater heights of performance and profitability.

The Supernova Multiplier provides expert guidance to the revolutionary wealth management model that has transformed the lives and businesses of financial professionals worldwide. The innovative Supernova method enables financial advisors to rapidly grow their business, efficiently manage time, and maximize client satisfaction. The Five Stars of the Supernova model—Segmentation, Organization, Planning, Acquisition, and Leadership—provide financial advisors with the tools and knowledge to propel their practices to new heights of performance.

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About the Author

Rob Knapp, President of Supernova Consulting Group, and a 34-year veteran of Merrill Lynch, crafted the Supernova process as a template for growth and proactive client service. Before Supernova, attrition rate of clients (and burned out financial advisors) had reached a crises level. Knapp discovered that his advisors reached a greater level of success by focusing on a smaller number of clients, gaining their trust and addressing their needs. He created the Supernova model as a program focused on segmentation, organization, planning, acquisition strategies and servant leadership that was adapted by advisors globally.

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