Rob Knapp

Chief Executive Officer, Supernova Consulting

Rob Knapp, President of Supernova Consulting Group, and a 34-year veteran of Merrill Lynch, crafted the Supernova process as a template for growth and proactive client service. Before Supernova, attrition rate of clients (and burned out financial advisors) had reached a crises level. Knapp discovered that his advisors reached a greater level of success by focusing on a smaller number of clients, gaining their trust and addressing their needs. He created the Supernova model as a program focused on segmentation, organization, planning, acquisition strategies and servant leadership that was adapted by advisors globally.

After retirement, Knapp’s success within Merrill inspired him to write his first book, The Supernova Advisor in 2008. There was such a demand in the industry for this kind of forward-thinking that he went on to coach thousands of FA teams based on the program laid out in his first book. Along the way he used the feedback of financial advisors in the field to make Supernova even more applicable to current trends. Supernova approaches proven concepts such as segmentation, target niches, mastermind groups, team building, proactive client contact, and succession planning and empowers the advisors to be accountable for their implementation.

Knapp has left his mark on the financial services industry that he has been passionate about his entire career. Supernova remains relevant today because it is a dynamic model that continues to evolve and adopt market changes. Knapp believes the secret to being successful is “differentiating yourself in the market”.

Whereas, The Supernova Advisor was all about “getting organized and staying organized,” Knapp’s latest book, “The Supernova Multiplier” is about growing your practice, your team and your life. He has long advocated putting the development of teams ahead of short-term gains. In Multiplier, he gives the reader a blueprint for implementing changes that will increase quality of life, greater personal satisfaction and a successful career. Multiplier is the stories of financial advisors who have implemented Supernova Strategies and can testify to their success.

Knapp, the father of two adult children, lives in Boca Grande, Florida with his wife, Marcia, and chocolate lab, Izzy.

About Supernova Consulting

Supernova Consulting Group provides a template for financial professionals to deliver a better client experience, grow their practices and bring balance into their lives. Our experienced coaches work with financial services professionals to transform their practice by focusing on service, growth, efficiency and time management.

The Supernova 365 program is a year-long process that includes 11 hours of personalized coaching spread out over 12 months, a coaching guide, weekly videos, the Supernova Scheduling Tool, access to the member’s only training library along with access to the Supernova team anytime during the program.